Irresistible | Two Year Old Photo Session

Could you say no to me?  Look at these cute little cheeks.

Two year old photography toddler photo session Asian baby cute cheeks

toddler two year old photo session studio Pittsburgh

No one can resist them so don’t even try.toddler two year old photo session studio Pittsburgh cute cheeks

It’s not easy being this cute, but I rock it.
two year photo session toddler on rocking horse prop Pittsburgh studio

Are you questioning the power of my cuteness?

Just as my mommy and daddy. They’re like putty in my hands.daddy and me photo session toddler girl and father kissing cheektoddler and family photo session

If there’s any question left in your mind, refer to the cheeks. Irresistible, I tell you.toddler girl squeezing cheeks adorable kids photography Pittsburgh studio

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