Sunflower Photo Sessions

New this year: Sunflower Sessions!  If you’ve always wanted to have a family photo session in a field of sunflowers, this is your opportunity!  I have secured a photographer pass for the Sunflower Fest at Schwirian Farms, which takes place July 8-17.  It’s going to be so pretty!  Spots are limited–book yours today!

sunflower photos mini sessions Pittsburgh


The Details:

$325 includes:

30 minute session
10 retouched digital files
Option to purchase all files if desired

July 8-17
Schwirian Farms, Monongahela, PA
To Book:
Use the handy online scheduler below to reserve your spot


Q: Can I book a Sunflower Session for my maternity session?
A: Yes you can!

Q: Can I book a Sunflower Session for my senior photos?
A: Of course!

Q: Can we bring our dog?
A:  Pets are only allowed on July 17th, so if that is your wish, book your session on that date!

Q: What happens if it rains, or we get sick and need to reschedule ?
A: If it’s cloudy or light sprinkles here and there, we will go ahead as planned.  If it’s raining, we will have to move to plan B.  The Sunflower Festival only runs from July 8-17, and my schedule will most likely be booked back to back.  If you cancel or we have to reschedule for any reason, I can not guarantee that the make up session will take place during the festival time frame, or that the make up session will have sunflowers.  We may have to do a make up session at another location, subject to schedule availability.  If I have spots open on a different day while the festival is going, we can move your session to that day.  If there are no other spots open, we will have to find an alternative date and possibly location.  If this happens, I will do my very best to accommodate you; I will try to find a location that has a beautiful backdrop with flowers, however I can not guarantee a specific weekend date, and I can not guarantee sunflowers.

Q: Can we get more than 10 digital files?
A: Yes!  I will put all of the photos from your session into a private online gallery; you’ll be able to select the photos you want, and have the option to purchase additional files as desired.