About My Art

I believe in the beauty of simplicity.  Years from now, it's not cute props, elaborate set-ups or Pinterest-inspired poses that you'll want to remember.  It's the love.

I want to preserve these memories for you in heartfelt and authentic portraits, in images that speak of love and joy and connection.  

My style is natural and timeless, allowing the real moments, tender emotions, and deep connections to resonate in the imagery I create for your artwork.

. . .

About Sandy

I'm a country girl married to a city boy,

Mom to one amazing girl and one trusty little weiner dog named Piper

I'm easy going and down to earth, with a goofy sense of humor

I love random movie quotes, the more ridiculous the better!

I believe that kindness matters

I believe in trying new things and taking some risks, even if we fail
because life is too short to wonder what might have been.

It’s this kind of thinking that prompted me quit my job and
follow my dream of being a photographer.

I strive to capture the inner light I see in each person. 

I chose the Red Lotus name because it is
a symbol of love, compassion, hope,
and the infinite potential within each one of us.
I infuse these ideals into my work
and the way I care for my clients.

Ready to capture some amazing memories with me?

Sandy Yetter, Photographer